music with words

I'm having a blast working on Kurt Rohde's opera Death With Interruptions.  It is based on a book by José Saramago, translated by Margaret Jull Costa. Because the opera sets ordinary English words I'm always running across little phrases from the opera in ordinary conversations. And when I hear them, I'm reminded of the way those words sound when sung with Kurt's amazing melodies, rhythms, and sounds. It is adding a whole new layer of enjoyment  to my every day life. 


Nikki Einfeld plays a ravishing character, death. She can't help falling in love with music and a cellist she is supposed to have killed. Nikki is a coloratura soprano and her voice is actually to die for.

The other thing is that the people I'm working with are incredibly nice and, naturally, I've been seeing them lots since we've been working together all the time.